Open doors to profitable properties on and off the market in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg with our team of STR experts!

We understand it can be a confusing time for real estate investors. Let our team of experts guide you through the current uncertainties of the Smoky Mountain real estate market. 

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5 Benefits of Investing with Local Realty Group

High Income Potential

The average short-term rental in the Smoky Mountains is generating 74K in income for 2023.



Personal Use

You can use the property while still earning money.


Fluid Rates

Different from LTRs, STRs can change their rates as market conditions change.

Tax Benefits

Enjoy tax deductions that come with owning real estate, along with the opportunity for additional tax advantages through cost segregation studies and 1031 exchanges.



Location & Market History

Interest rates change, rental rates change, and prices will go up over time. The location you buy your property in does not change. The Smokies is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world, and it is cheaper to purchase a property today than it will be in the future.

Video Testimonials

Wondering what it’s like to work with us? Watch our clients explain below!


The Pentecosts

The Pentecost family always wanted a vacation home for their friends and family to gather. They were looking for a spot that was four seasons, year-round, where they could spend time together — and Sevierville was their top choice! They knew very little about the area and buying property in the Smoky Mountains, so they turned to Local Realty Group for help. We were able to match them with a vacation home that was perfect for them and guide them through the real estate process.


The Stanleys

The Stanleys had an interest in the short-term rental market in Gatlinburg; however, with little knowledge about the area, it’s difficult to determine where to start. That’s when they turned to Local Realty Group for help. We helped them find the perfect property and guided them through the process of purchasing the home. The Stanleys have now bought two homes through Local Realty Group and are looking forward to buying more in the future.


Why Choose Us?

At Local Realty Group, we care the most about you winning. We are a team of real estate professionals that know what it takes to find profitable properties and the process to purchase them. Local Realty Group is owned by Local Ventures; a collective of companies that exist for the Everyday Investor and work together to bring unmatched value to the market.

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